Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seo Sydney: Boost Traffic To A Website!

Australia is a leading nation in implementation of e-commerce. Thousand of websites are designed every day which result in swell of similar products and services. Any business needs a policy to reach the utmost no of target audience because without strategy no business can endure. For web development it essential to check rank of meticulous websites in search engines. Therefore SEO Sydney helps in holding the high place in the search engines and web development.

Even the IT outsourcing firms lay heavy importance on this imperative search engine optimization approach to accomplish their goals and dreams. SEO Melbourne will help one in attaining objectives. They also give the opportunity of web designers, who will assist one in the designing of the website so that it is attractive and at the same time professional looking too.

There is plenty more to search engine optimization that must be learned over time. Many people are looking to SEO consultants to do the work for them. Good idea, however, it can be exclusive. The substitute is to find reasonable SEO Packages that allow the customer to learn the way of the SERPs and accumulate all kinds of money and do better in the search engines.

Thursday, March 4, 2010 Video Reviews

On CNBC there was this video about a company called and how they are using marketing tools to change the face of the internet. The video was very interesting!

The internet is a growing entity of websites, blogs, chat rooms, videos, and stores. More and more people are surfing the web every day. Everyone I know is always on line for one reason or another. I use the internet to look up information, search for addresses or directions, to pay my bills, chat with people on my space or face book, buy books and movies, and so much more.

So this video was about how companies and small business are trying to find new ways if marketing their businesses. Because lots of the avenues that once provided get marketing resources are too expensive and don’t provide as much traffic as before. There is one entity, the internet, which is being used by millions and millions of people every day and is still growing. With so much website traffic happening on a daily basics many business are using the internet to sale their products and services and to market their businesses.

The internet is a vast network of billions of website which makes its hard for businesses to stay completive and be on the cutting edge of an always changing world. To stay completive many businesses hire a marketing firm to handle all the details involved in getting a website from the 6th page on Google to the 1st page. Marketing firms employ a process called search engine optimization (this is a term used to describe the process by which websites improve their website traffic).

After watching the video I can see why businesses would want to use the internet to market their businesses. It cost less than TV and other methods of marketing and more people surf the internet then most other things. But since so many people surf the internet businesses have to really work on staying ahead of their competition. I guess this is why they hire marketing firms and try to improve their website traffic by search engine optimization.

I think that it’s cool to see all the new developments that are happening with businesses on the internet!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Latest SEO Technique to bring the webiste in SERP

To bring website in top ranking, seo companies used unethical search engine optimization tactics by stuffing pages with keywords, participating in link farms. But now a days these techniques are not welcomed by the search engine.

A Microsoft spokesperson said regarding the organization such as content farms which are flooded their web with low quality content to promote their website and increase clicks, that company "prefers quality over quantity" to manage its Bing search engine.

Relevancy of back link or inbound links are given weightage to come up in SERP, as told to ZDNet Asia in an e-mail interview. Back link from Authoritative website are given high weighted other than junk website.

Website which are using black hat techniques or techniques using hidden text, keywords stuffing, link farming to increase the backlink are prevented to come up in SERP, the Microsoft executive added. However, he did not give detail about how the checks were implemented and executed.

Google also follow the similar technique, as per company spokesperson. He explained that a site's ranking in its search results is automatically determined by computer algorithms that have included hundreds of parameters. He said, "Our algorithms are effectively designed to prevent people from manipulating the rankings of competitors in our search results,"

Yahoo, also follow the same technique in the search market, but declined to comment on it when contacted.

For more on this visit :
Checks to curb latest SEO tricks

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Microsoft's Released Free SEO Tool for webmasters - SEO TOOLKIT

Microsoft released a free search engine optimization(SEO)tool for website named "Seo Toolkit" on Tuesday.

This software works with websites that supported by Microsoft's IIS Web servers on windows based mchines. Earlier its beta version was released back in june.

The IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit support Web developers, hosting providers, and Web server administrators to enhance their Web site's relevance in search results by recommending how to make the site content more search engine-friendly. It also includes

Site Analysis module,
the Robots Exclusion module,
and the Sitemaps and Site Indexes module,

which helps you to carry out detailed analysis and recommendations to improve your website performance.

Site Analysis module - Increase the number of Organic Traffic

SEO Toolkit craws through local as well as external websites for the goal to optimize the web content, structure, and url. It also use to solve the common problems with recommendation. Problem such as broken links, loading time of pages, invalid markup, duplicate resources, performance issues etc .

The Robots Exclusion module - control over search engines access and what content to be displayed

This module enables Web site owners to organize the robots.txt file from within the IIS Manager interface, to control the indexing of specified URLs, by disallowing search engine crawlers from accessing them. Here users can have their own choice to view the web sites using a physical or a logical hierarchal view. User can disallow specific files or folders of the Web application by entering path manually or modify a selected path with the help of wild cards.

Sitemaps and Site Indexes module - Gives search engines about locations available for indexing

This module enables Web site owners to manage the sitemap files and sitemap indexes on the site, application, and folder level to assist search engines up to date so that all url should be inexed by search engines.

To know more on seo toolkit feature visit Search Engine Optimization Toolkit

To install the toolkit, Microsoft's Web Platform Installer needs to be used. The Web Platform Installer centralizes the installation of Microsoft software used for Web sites. It's also a free download available from Microsoft.

The SEO Toolkit will run on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems. It can be seo toolkit downloaded at this Microsoft Web site, which provides support materials and a demo.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Social Media - Small Business should participate in it or not

Now a days every companies are focusing on social media for their web campaigns. As this gives user to advertise product free, and gives a greater exposure to their campaigns. As it can be said social media have three components concept, media, social interface. The top most social networks are twitter, myspace, facebook etc.

As everything has its advantage and disadvantages. Social media also have some advantages and disadvantages. Advantages,It build relationships with similar interest of people and huge conversation, Make your identity and explore your creativity, sharing and connectivity. Disadvantage are many content are overlooked, Information overload and social networking overload, work balance are hard to achieve etc.

Shana has stated about 20 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use Social Media Marketing

1) Branding
2)Create a buzz
3) Online reputation management
4) Establish yourself as an expert
5) Word of mouth
6) Build relationships and become more personal
7) Open up the line of communication between business owner and millions of potential customers
8| Small businesses can compete with the large companies
9) Social networking with potential clients and customers from all over the globe
10) Get great traffic
11) Increase your link-ability
12)Helps with search engines
13)Much cheaper than traditional marketing and advertising
14)Your company is more accessible
15)Direct conversation to a specific niche
16)Provides another way for potential customers to find you
17)It's a way to explain yourself
18)Show Your Stuff
19)Find out exactly what your customers want –
20)Your customers can play an active role in the business

For detail you can visit

But today
B.L. Ochman has come up with 10 things social media can’t do for you

1. Substitute for marketing strategy.
2. Succeed without management buying in.
3. Be viewed as a short-term project.
4. Produce meaningful, measurable results quickly.
5. Be done in-house by the vast majority of companies.
6. Provide a quick fix to the bottom line or a tarnished reputation.
7. Be done without a realistic budget.
8. Guarantee sales or influence.
9. Be done by “kids” who “understand social innately.”
10. Replace PR.

For more visit:

Whats your opinion about social media.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Google Wants to Preserve Yahoo Competition

The Yahoo and Microsoft merger will ruin the healthy competition market for Google. The leading search engine marketing company wants to preserve the competitive market.

The latest buzz in online marketing is that Google is willing to prevent Yahoo from being swallowed by Microsoft, this will ruin the competition that Google and Yahoo healthily share. Once the last bid of $US47.5 billion is accepted by Yahoo. Microsoft's share of US Internet search queries will expand massively which will also include profitable business of selling graphical and video ads. This might pose problem for Google who is merrily enjoying the leading seat for many years now.

Google also confessed that it is a 'relatively small' part of the advertising world and that Yahoo is the leader. Hence, it's only successful market area is search ad which is giving it the position of aleader. But if two of his major competitors join hand, the competition will double of the leading online marketing company, who will probably not be able to face the blow.

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